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Manhattan Project

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Nuclear Science - The Manhattan Project

"Taken as a story of human achievement, and human blindness, the discoveries in the sciences are among the great epics"  

J. Robert Oppenheimer


Web Masters Note....             

As you are no doubt aware, the Manhattan Project was mammoth in scope.  The below 86 listed individuals all played a major role, some in an advisory capacity.  Also, throughout the Project's duration, many moved from one location to another, and, as a result, had several different roles.  If we have omitted someone, please advise us.

If a "hyperlink" is available, then we have an associated biography and quite possibly, a photo.  In addition, those names hi-lighted in  Orange were awarded a Nobel Prize at some time during their illustrious careers.


Manhattan Project Major Participants


Position (if known)

Primary Location

Abelson, Philip H. Pioneered Liquid Thermal Diff. Philadelphia Navy Yard
Agnew, Harold Group Leader Tinian Scientific Team
Alvarez, Luis Group Leader - Detonation Los Alamos, NM
Allison, Samuel K. Built CP-1 Pile Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Anderson, Herbert L. Asst. to E. Fermi;  Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Bacher, Robert Weapons & Experimental Physics Los Alamos, NM
Bainbridge, Kenneth "Trinity" Test Director Los Alamos, NM
Beams, Jesse W. Pioneered Centrifuge Method University of Virginia
Bethe, Hans Chief - Theoretical Division Los Alamos, NM
Bohr, Aage Niels Asst. to his father; Niels Bohr Los Alamos, NM
Bohr, Niels Consultant to the Project Los Alamos, NM
Bradbury, Norris Interim Lab Director Los Alamos, NM
Briggs, Lyman J. Head; Uranium Committee Nat'l Bureau of Standards
Bush, Vannevar Head; N.D.R.C. Carnegie Foundation
Chadwick, Sir James Chief - British Mission Los Alamos, NM
Chamberlain, Owen Asst. to Emilio Segre Los Alamos, NM
Compton, Arthur H. Director - Met Lab University of Chicago
Compton, Karl T. Head; Interim Committee M. I. T.
Conant, James B. Head; N.D.R.C. Harvard University
Critchfield, Charles Group Leader - Ordnance Los Alamos, NM
Dallas, Nick Made 1st Button of Plutonium Los Alamos, NM
DeSilva, Peer Maj. Chief of Security Los Alamos, NM
Dunning, J. R. Director of Lab Columbia University
Einstein, Albert Consultant to the Project Los Alamos, NM
Farrell, Thomas Brig. Gen. Asst. to Maj. Gen. Groves Los Alamos, NM
Fermi, Enrico Group Leader - Theoretical Los Alamos, NM
Feynman, Richard Group Leader - Theoretical Los Alamos, NM
Frank, James Director - Chemistry Group Chicago Met Lab
Frisch, Otto British Mission Los Alamos, NM
Goudsmit, Samuel Scientific Head of Alsos Mission Europe
Greenwalt, Crawford Coordinated DuPont & Met Lab DuPont
Groves, Leslie CO - Manhattan Engineer District Washington, DC
Jette, Eric Plutonium Metallurgy Los Alamos, NM
Kennedy, Joseph Chemistry & Metallurgy Los Alamos, NM
King, L. D. P.
Kistiakowsky, George Director - Implosion Program Los Alamos, NM
Kolodney, Morris Manager - DP Site Los Alamos, NM
Lansdale, John Col. Security Aide to Gen. Groves Washington, DC
Lawrence, Ernest O. Director - Berkeley Lab U. C. - Berkeley
Lewis, Gilbert N. Head; Chemistry Dept. U. C. - Berkeley
Lewis, Warren K. Head; Lewis Review Committee Washington, DC
Loomis, Alfred L. Research Advisory Committee Harvard University
Magel, Ted Made 1st Button of Plutonium Los Alamos, NM
Manley, John H. Asst. to J. R. Oppenheimer U. C. - Berkeley
McKibbin, Dorothy Ran Reception Office Santa Fe, NM
McMillan, Edwin Group Leader -  Los Alamos, NM
Morrison, Philip Head - Fat Man Pit Team Tinian Island
Murphree, Eger V. Pilot-Plant Engineering Studies Standard Oil
Neddermeyer, Seth Implosion Research Los Alamos, NM
Neumann, John von Theoretical Division Los Alamos, NM
Nichols, Kenneth D., Col. C. O. - Manhattan Engineer Dist. Oak Ridge
Nier, Alfred O. Pioneered Electro-Magnetic Meth. University of Minnesota
Oliphant, Mark British Mission Los Alamos, NM
Oppenheimer, Frank Asst. to Robert Oppenheimer Los Alamos, NM
Oppenheimer, J. Robert Scientific Director - Project "Y" Los Alamos, NM
Parsons, William Capt. Ordnance Director Los Alamos, NM
Pash, Boris Col. Military Chief - Alsos Mission Europe
Pegram, George B. Uranium Committee Columbia University
Peierls, Rudolf British Mission Los Alamos, NM
Penney, William G. British Mission Observer - The Big Stink
Perlman, Isidore (Iz) Chemistry Division Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Rabi, Isidore I. Consultant to the Project Los Alamos, NM
Rainwater, Leo J. Asst. to J. R. Dunning Columbia University
Ramsey, Norman Deputy Director - Project "Alberta" Los Alamos, NM
Schreiber, Raemer S. Group Leader - Scientific Team Tinian Island
Schwinger, Julian Asst. to J. R. Oppenheimer U. C. - Berkeley
Seaborg, Glenn Chief - Plutonium Separation Los Alamos, NM
Segre, Emilio Group Leader - Radioactivity Los Alamos, NM
Serber, Robert Group Leader - Theoretical Los Alamos, NM
Smith, Cyril Group Leader - Metallurgy Los Alamos, NM
Szilard, Leo Group Leader - Met Lab Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Stimson, Henry Secretary of War Washington, DC
Teller, Edward Thermonuclear Research Los Alamos, NM
Tibbetts, Paul Col. CO - 509th Composite Group Wendover, UT
Tuck, James British Mission - Implosion Los Alamos, NM
Ulam, Stanislau Hydrodynamics of Implosion Los Alamos, NM
Urey, Harold C. Director - War Research Columbia University
Wahl, Arthur C. Chemistry Group Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Warner, Roger S. Jr. Chief - Fat Man Assembly Team Tinian Island
Weinberg, Alvin Theoretical Physics under Wigner Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Weisskopf, Victor Theoretical Division Los Alamos, NM
Wheeler, John A. Consultant to the Project Princeton University
Wigner, Eugene Group Leader - Met Lab Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Williams, John Deputy Test Director Los Alamos, NM
Wilson, Robert Cyclotron Group Los Alamos, NM
Woods, Leona (Marshall, Libby) Asst. to E. Fermi Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)
Zinn, Walter H. Asst. to E. Fermi Univ. of Chicago (Met Lab)









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