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Ted "Dutch" Van Kirk, the Navigator on the Enola Gay, Will be a Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Manhattan Project Reunion at Oak Ridge, TN on June 17, 2005 - See Below.....

509th Composite Group 

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Ted "Dutch" Van Kirk, the navigator aboard the Enola Gay, will be speaking at the upcoming Manhattan Project Reunion at the "Secret City" of Oak Ridge, TN on June 17, 2005.  Everyone is welcome!  Tickets are $20.00.  Click here for complete information!

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Historical Information

Web Master's Note:  Each of the 15 B-29's of the 509th had a regularly assigned crew.  These crews are shown along with the photographs.  It is worthy of note that for various reasons, a different crew often flew on specific missions.  This is the case with both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki missions.  For both the Enola Gay and Bockscar, we have shown the "replacement" crews alongside the regularly assigned crews.

Historical Artifacts

The 509th - Activation & Organization
Slide Show - B29's of the 509th - I
Slide Show - B29's of the 509th - II
The Hiroshima Mission
The Nagasaki Mission
The Bomb - "Little Boy"
The Bomb - "Fat Man"
"Incident" at Mather Air Force Base
Sample Leaflets Dropped on Japan after Hiroshima Mission
509th Timeline - Inception to Hiroshima
509th Timeline - Hiroshima Mission
509th Timeline - Nagasaki Mission
Veterans of the 509th - 1,700+ Names
Legacy of the Enola Gay
Radar Section of the 393rd
Members of Project Alberta
   Historic Wendover Airfield Web Site
Photos of Present Day North Field at Tinian

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