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Philadelphia Navy Yard Explosion

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This section of "Fallen Heroes" would not have been possible without the able assistance of Arnold Kramish, former member of the Manhattan Project's SED and the 3rd man involved with the explosion.  All of the photos and articles relating to the Philadelphia Navy Yard Explosion were generously provided by Arnold Kramish.  Please "click" here for a short biography, including photo, of Arnold Kramish.
Memorial Pages:
  Peter N. Bragg - Civilian - U. S. Navy
  Douglas P. Meigs - Civilian - H. K. Ferguson Company
  Rev. Louis V. McDonough - A Tribute
The Explosion:
  Overview of Incident
  U.S.S. Wisconsin (BB64)
  "Explosion at Navy Yard" - Philadelphia Record - Front Page - Sept. 3, 1944
SED Sgt. John D. Hoffman Awarded Soldier's Medal for Heroism
Group Photo of Sgt. John D. Hoffman w/ Gen. Leslie Groves
Honoring Those Who Died:  The Full Story -
  "They Were Heroes Too" - The Washington Post - Arnold Kramish
  "An Unknown Arkansas Hero" - The Morning News - Mark Minton
  "An Arkansas Hero's Time Finally Comes" - The Arkansas Times - David Mabury
  "Hiroshima's First Victims" - Rocky Mountain News - Arnold Kramish
  Help Secure Recognition for Douglas P. Meigs
"Tickling the Dragon's Tail" - Los Alamos, NM
Memorial Pages:
  Harry K. Daghlian - Civilian - Manhattan Project
  Louis P. Slotin - Civilian - Manhattan Project
The Dragon Bites:
  The Dragon Bites - Harry K. Daghlian
  The Dragon Bites...Again - Louis P. Slotin
  The "Dragon" Experiment
  Who is Michael Merriman?







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