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In Recognition of...

Arnold Kramish

(Manhattan Project Veteran)

This section on "Fallen Heroes of the Manhattan Project" would not have been possible without the assistance of Arnold Kramish.  Arnold Kramish participated in the Manhattan Project as a member of the SED at Oak Ridge, the Philadelphia Navy Yard, and Los Alamos. (He was the third member of the team present during the explosion at the Philadelphia Navy Yard which killed Douglas Meigs and Peter Bragg)  Immediately following the war, Kramish was with the Atomic Energy Commission.  In 1951, he became a senior staff member of the RAND corporation.  From 1970 - 1976, he was posted in Paris as U.S. Science & Technology Counselor for UNESCO and OECD.  He is a consultant and author of several books, including The Griffin (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA. 1986).  Currently Mr. Kramish is working on his memoirs.



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