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In addition to the personnel assigned to the 509th Composite Group, a team of scientific personnel were sent from Los Alamos to Tinian Island.  Their mission was to assemble the weapons and act as official observers.  Below are the names of  the members of this team.  IF YOU KNOW OF THE SPECIFIC DUTIES OF THE MEN LISTED, PLEASE CONTACT US VIA "FEEDBACK" ABOVE!  These names were provided by John L. Tucker, a member of Project Alberta.  Please "click" here to view a photograph of the Project Alberta Team


Name Status Duties (if known!)
Agnew, Harold Civilian Los Alamos Physicist
Alvarez, Luis Civilian Los Alamos Physicist; Yield Measurement
Anderson, David, Ens. USNR X-Unit
Ashworth, Frederick L., LCdr USN Weaponeer - Bockscar; Operations Officer
Baker, Charles P. Civilian Head - Fat Man Pit Team w/ Morrison
Bederson, Benjamin B. USA - SED X-Unit
Birch, Francis A.   "Little Boy" Assembly Team
Bolstead, Milo    
Caleca, Vincent USA - SED Fat Man Team
Camac, Morton   Fat Man Pit Team
Carlson, Edward G.    
Collins, Arthur W. USA - SED X-Unit
Dawson, Robert W. USA - SED X-Unit
Dike, Sheldon Civilian Scientific Team Member; Aircraft Ordnance
Doll, Edward B. Civilian Radar Fuzing
Farrell, T. F. (General) USA 2nd in Command to Groves
Fortine, Frank J. USA - SED X-Unit
Goodman, Walter Civilian Observer - The Great Artiste
Harms, Donald C. USA - SED  
Hopper, John D., Lt. USA Fat Man Team
Johnston, Lawrence H. Civilian Instrument Officer - The Great Artiste (Note 3)
Kupferberg, Jesse   Observer - The Great Artiste
Langer, Lawrence USA - SED SED
Larkin, William J.    
Linschitz, Henry Civilian Fat Man Team
Machen, Arthur B. Civilian Little Boy Assembly
Mastick, Donald, Ens. USNR  
Matthews, Robert P.    
Miller, Victor A., Lt. USNR Little Boy Assembly
Morrison, Philip Civilian Head - Fat Man Pit Team (Note 2)
Motichko, Leonard    
Murphy, William L.    
Nolan, James F., Capt. USA Medical Officer
Nooker, Eugene L.    
O'Keefe, Barney J. USNR X-Unit
Olmstead, Thomas H.    
Parsons, William S, Com. USN Weaponeer - Enola Gay - Chief, Los Alamos Team
Penney, William G. Civilian Physicist - British Observer - The Big Stink
Perlman, Theodore Civilian Little Boy Assembly
Prohs, Wesley Richard USNR Radar Section - Trigger Mechanism
Purnell, W. R., Adm. USN  
Ramsey, Norman F. Civilian Asst. Chief - Los Alamos Team
Reynolds, George T., Ens. USNR X-Unit
Russ, Harlow S. Civilian Little Boy Assembly
Schreiber, Raemer S. Civilian Fat Man Pit Team (Note 1 & 2)
Serber, Robert Civilian Los Alamos Physicist
Stephenson, Edward C., LCDR USNR Chief - Electrical Detonation
Thornton, Gunnar USA - SED T/Sgt SED
Tucker, John L., Ens. USNR X-Unit Section
Waldman, Bernard   Chief - Observation Team - Hiroshima
Warner Jr., Roger S. Civilian Chief - Fat Man Assembly Team
Zimmerli, Frederick H.    
  • Note 1:  Hand-carried Fat Man plutonium core on C54 "Green Hornet" to Tinian Island 

  • Note 2:  Were also members of the Trinity Pit Team

  • Note 3:  Only person to witness all three atomic explosions


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